Monday, November 19, 2007

Our 'secret' spot

We had a GREAT weekend!! We went to Jake's last soccer game of the season, which they won 3-0. It was pretty exciting!! After the soccer game and lunch, we took the boys riding on the quads. Ryan took us to a 'secret' spot that he found the week before with Hunter and Zac while Jake and I were at another soccer game. It is a great little canyon type area with lots of sand. We had a blast. We really love being able to take off on the quads from our house and have SO many fun places to ride. Here are a few pictures from the 'secret' spot. Such a cool place and such beautiful November weather to enjoy it.

Zac getting ready to jump....

three of my four boys..Hunter, Jake, Ryan

Hunter and Jake jumping....

Hunter working on one of his many sand angels

Monday, November 5, 2007

I love Brad's, I mean my new puppy:)

Brad left his puppy here when they came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Zac has taken over possesion of it. He sleeps with it and we even had to take it to Basha's today and strap it in the cart with had to be strapped in!!!

More Halloween costumes...

Taylor, Brad and Madison

A new sheriff in town

I was anonymously sent this picture of the new sheriff that has been seen perusing the streets of Layton, UT. You'd better watch out:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


We had a blast at the ward Halloween party last night. I wish I would have taken more pictures while we were there. I also wish I would have taken pictures of the kids in their costumes before we left for the party. Jake's costume looked really good before we left, but after playing in the hay in the barn for a couple hours all of his mummy stuff was falling off. The party was at the Shumway barn. There was a big bon fire, lots of chili and corn bread to eat and the kids really scored at the trunk or treat!! I think we came home with more candy than we took. Jake and Hunter both filled their buckets. Zac stayed at the car with me to hand out our candy. It was really fun. The kids especially had fun climbing on the hay bales in the barn.

Elementary costume parade

Jake dressed up as a lion for the costume parade at the school. He decided it would take too long to put his mummy costume on. He was trying to pull himself along by pulling his tail in front of him.

Hunter's new bike

We bought Hunter a new bike for his birthday. When he first saw it he said, "I don't want that. It's too big." He has been riding a very small bike for awhile. We took it out and he rode it around for awhile but decided that he wants to give his new bike to Jake and he will take Jake's old bike that is about an inch shorter. Jake told him that he would be willing to trade for 2 days. When Hunter cried about that Jake agreed to trade for 2 weeks.