Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Week

Hello Everyone! It has been a long week around here. Ryan tore his achilles tendon playing basketball almost two weeks ago. He had surgery to have it repaired last Wednesday. Due to tax season he hasn't been able to take much time to relax and he is really feeling it!! He admits that he under-estimated how recovery would be. He jokes that taking care of him isn't much different than our 2 year old other than he is potty trained(Thank goodness)...haha. The doctor is not going to cast his foot and has told him to unwrap it every night and do a little stretching...should help improve and speed up recovery. Pretty funny, his doctor/surgeon was at the church playing ball with him that early morning that it happened. Everyone teases him about trying to take out the competition.

We also had our ultrasound last week and found out that we are having another boy. The boys couldn't be more thrilled to be having another brother. Hunter is the only one with any concerns. He just feels sad that the girl team will always lose since there is only one girl and will be five boys. We were also shocked to find out that I am further along than expected. The baby was measuring 27 weeks instead of 20 weeks. I saw the doctor today and the due date has officially been moved from July 1 to May17. Due to the fact that I got pregnant while receiving the depot shot, I really had no idea how far along I was and didn't even know that I was pregnant until Christmas. Anyway...this post is getting really long, but one more thing...I found out today that the baby has a small fold in his bladder, which can cause swelling and possibly damage to the kidneys. The doctor said that a lot of the time it fixes itself before birth or shortly after. I will have another ultrasound in April to check on the bladder and kidneys. He said that so far there isn't a problem, but just wants to be cautious. Depending on how it looks in April they may have to induce me the first part of May. I'll keep you all posted when I have the next ultrasound. Other than that...everything looks perfect.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dressed up

Here are two of my handsome boys dressed up for church in the handsome outfits that aunt Amber sent for them. Zac asked me where my tie was. I told him boys wear ties and Hunter said, "yeah, like Jesse...or buddy. Parents call him Jesse, but kids like to call him buddy." Hunter really loves his uncle 'buddy'.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Cover up me."

Last night while I was fixing dinner Zac wanted to watch a cartoon upstairs. Of course, I let him....any peace I can get while fixing dinner is GREAT!! He came downstairs and said, "Mom, cover up me." So I went upstairs and covered him up. Then he said, "now, take a picture of Zac-ee." He is so funny!! He loves me to 'cover up him' and he loves to get his picture taken. After I took the picture, he said, "let me see Zac-ee."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Day

We had a very fun 'snow day' yesterday. Jake's school was cancelled due to the snow and is actually cancelled again today for the clean up. We ended up with about 8 inches and the boys had a blast playing in it. Ryan attached the plow to the quad to help move the snow off the driveway(he had WAY too much fun doing that:)). Zac got cold quickly and came in the house to watch tv while we kept moving the snow and Ryan kept working on getting the plow attached. It was so funny though, as soon as Ryan started the 4-wheeler, Zac came running out of the house without sock and shoes saying, "where is my helmet, I need my helmet!!". He was so happy to ride the 4-wheeler with Ryan. Here are a couple of pictures of the fun:)