Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gregory Ryder Hall

Gregory Ryder Hall
Born 5/14 @ 8:34pm
7 lb. 14 oz.
20 1/2 inches
Labor and delivery were fast and furious. Here is the short version. Contractions started around 6-6:30pm. We left for the hospital about an hour later arriving at 8:00 and he was born at 8:34. My doctor wasn't able to make it to the hospital on time, but the on-call doctor was wonderful!! I have actually met with him a couple of times because I had my ultrasounds done at his office. It was wonderful to have such a speedy labor, but it was hard going with NO pain meds AGAIN!! Ryder and I came home from the hospital on Friday and we are doing great!! The first picture below is right before we left for the hospital, second is Ryder soon after birth and then Hunter, me and Ryder the next morning. These aren't the best pictures...I'll try to post more soon. He is looking better already now that the bumps and bruises of delivery are going away:) Guess that wasn't such a short version after all:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A day of fish....

The boys had a GREAT day with dad yesterday. Ryan went with Jake's class to the fish hatchery for their field trip. Ryan especially enjoyed the bus ride...haha. As soon as they got home, they picked up Hunter and were off to the fishing hole. They had a great time and caught lots of fish. We grilled them up when they got home and they were SO yummy!!