Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still undefeated...

We took the kids to the Snowflake high school football game again last night. We had a great time, but the kids weren't quite as good as last time. Zac was great, but we sat a little closer to the field this time so the bigger kids thought it was great fun to go down and sit on the front row. Snowflake is still undefeated and Round Valley is no longer. Snowflake won 28-6. Go Lobos!!

We are having a weekend full of football. Ryan is currently flying to New Mexico with some friends in their family plane for the BYU football game. Those of us left here at home will all be watching the game closely to see if we can spot him in the crowd:)
Here are a couple pictures of Zac enjoying the game and a picture of Sidney as the Lobo! She does a great job. Sidney is Ryan's step-sister's daughter and our favorite babysitter:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Labor Day camping trip

I don't really have anything to post today. The boys and I are making a trip into Show Low to go to Wal-mart for soccer shoes and the remote control helicopter that Jake has been saving for. The highlight of the week. We are heading out as soon as Jake gets out of school.

I just thought that I'd share a couple of pictures from our Labor Day camping trip. We had a GREAT time! The weather was perfect. Just the right amount of rain to keep us all cool:) No luck with the archery deer hunters though.
  1. Jake is keeping the firewood dry during one of the rain storms.

  2. Amy Stradling took all of the kids fishing for crawdads, Jake is holding one up to show.

  3. We went on several great 4-wheeler rides, too bad Zac slept through this one:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hunter the builder

Ryan was working on a couple of the MANY projects on the to-do-list at our house on Saturday. Hunter just couldn't stand to sit back and watch, so Ryan gave him a project of his own, cutting molding:) Zac had a great time watching. We are loving our home here in Taylor and it is definetly keeping us busy!! Our project lists are long and seem to be getting longer not shorter!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

High School Football

Ryan and I took the boys to their first high school football game last night. We had a blast!! Snowflake won 48-0. I wanted to take my camera, but forgot in the rush to get from soccer practice, home and then to the game. I will have it next time for sure. The boys loved the game. Hunter got a little bored and was ready to go home at half-time, but once he got another treat he was okay until the end. Jake loved it and Zac especially loved it. He was so good. He sat either on my lap, Ryan's lap or on the bench looking through his binoculars. Everytime Snowflake scores they do fireworks and Zac kept saying, "I want one more firework." Ryan has got Zac trained. He loves to sit with Ryan and watch football on tv. In fact he wants to watch tv all the time and will cry, "I want football." He cries when it goes to commercial saying that he wants more football. After the football game last night he kept saying, "fun football game, fun fireworks." We can't wait until the next game. Should be a closer game since they start conference play next week.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Zac watered the flowers, himself and even me. Check out the look that he is giving me. So much for smiling for the camera, he gave me his...I'm gonna get you look....and he did:)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

One more picture of watermelon

The plant got water from the lawn sprinkler....the best kind of gardening....low maintenance, yummy fruit.

Eating watermelon

Here are the pictures of the boys eating the watermelon.


We had a watermelon plant come up from the seeds that the kids had spit in the dirt. We didn't really think that there would be enough time for it to grow and get ripe before it got to cold. It was a little late in the growing season when we noticed it, but as you can see the watermelon is huge. There are still two more melons on this same plant. Ryan said it is the best watermelon he has ever eaten. He may be a little biased though:) Here are a few pictures of the boys with the watermelon. Zac didn't want to hold still long enough for the picture(when does he), so sorry it is a little blurry.