Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What am I?

A short-order cook....I guess!

I love to cook...breakfast and dinner that is. I wish we could just skip lunch all together! Lunch is just such a pain. It seems like I have just finished cleaning up breakfast and it is time for lunch. AND I know dinner will be coming soon. Oh well, my kids think it is important that they eat lunch, so I put aside my feelings and make them lunch.

Yesterday Hunter told me that he would really like some tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. SO..I got busy.

I gave him his sandwich to start on while I put the soup in a bowl. When I handed him his sandwich he said, "Didn't I order soup with this?"

Why yes he did....he ended up eating 1 1/2 sandwiches and 1 entire can of soup.

He was happy and SO I was happy!!


Heather said...

"Didn't I order soup?" That's too funny. Doesn't it feel like you are the waitress, cook, and dishwasher most meals. Luckily for me Justin likes to cook so I don't have to do that much at our house. Although I usually do the clean up. Hunter is such a funny little kid.

Anndee said...

I feel your pain! Lunch is kind of in the way. In fact I still have dishes I should be doing RIGHT NOW!

Brown Family said...

I love the cuteness of kids. They say so many funny things.

Debby said...

yum... i would love some tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch! i might have to make that.