Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can this kid hold still?

NO....I don't think he can:) I can not seem to get a decent picture of Ryder lately. He is CONSTANTLY on the move!! I am photography challenge, SO that doesn't help. I think I need to adjust my shutter speed? Come on all of you camera masters...let me know the secrets:)

Ryder is beginning to conquer all kinds of fun new things...feeding himself(utensils optional), climbing and descending stairs, walking(only 2-3 steps at a time), and busting out lots of teeth:) He is keeping me running.

Sorry about the blurry images, but don't say I didn't warn you.(see paragraph one)
I am LOVING that my baby is finally learning the stairs. He is doing really well and I am not SO worried about him falling down them now.
The other night we had spaghetti for dinner. This is Ryder's way of entertaining his brothers during dinner. He just kept smashing his plate against his face and then trying to lick the spaghetti off the plate. The more they laughed, the more he did it and the more he laughed.

One of the biggest reasons it is SO hard to get a picture of him is...that he is ALWAYS trying to get the camera.


Sheldon and Chelsea said...

He is getting so big but he is so super cute! Hope all is well.

Nicole said...

Awesome! =) I think the pictures are great and love the spaghetti story! What a cute kid!!