Tuesday, February 17, 2009


**PLEASE excuse the messy nose!! We are TEETHING and enduring the NEVER-ENDING winter cold

Ryder got his first tooth on New Year's Eve and the second tooth not too long after that(probably a week or two). I live little baby teeth. Now he is cutting FOUR teeth on the top. He(and we) are loving the teething thing. Makes for a cranky baby:)

MMM...This looks good!! Should I taste it?

Yes, I should!! Just because.... I LOVE to taste EVERYTHING!!

FYI...I promptly removed the eraser from his hand and mouth after taking these pictures. It sure made him happy to have it for the pictures. AND it sure made him MAD when I took it away.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Handsome Hunter

Today I went to Hunter's class to help out with the Valentine's Day party. I had a great time and the two little boys were pretty good!

One of the girls in Hunter's class told me that everyone likes Hunter.

When we got home I was telling Hunter that it was so nice that the little girl said that everyone like him.

He said, "Mom, everyone DOES like me."

I said, "That is because you are SO nice."

He said, "and I'm handsome. That is why everyone likes me."

Monday, February 2, 2009

bread at church and chores

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan's dad invited us over for hamburgers and hot dogs and to watch the Cardinals football game.

Zac only ate 1 or 2 bites of his hot dog so his Aunt Amy asked him why he wasn't eating.

Zac said something like this, "I'm not very hungry, they fed me bread at church."

FYI....I did watch him take the sacrament and he only took ONE piece of bread:) He'd like to take a handful, but I monitor him very carefully:)

A couple of nights ago, I was having a conversation with Zac while Ryan and the older boys were reading Harry Potter. I asked him what kind of chores 3 year olds do.

He said, "kiss Moms."

Sounds like a good chore to me. I make him do several chores everyday. Usually he tells me, "I did my chore to-morning already." (meaning this morning)

I love 3-year olds!! It really is one of my favorite ages(even with all the fits)! They say the funniest things, they are always willing to give you a hug, love to help with EVERYTHING(sometimes not a good thing:)), they sleep through the night(most the time), my 3 year olds have all been potty trained, the good things go on and on:)