Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin carving and painting

The boys decided that we should carve and paint pumpkins while Ryan was gone to the church for meetings tonight. We had a great time! I made Zac use watercolor paint...not quite sure about his painting skills. When I saw that he was eating the paint rather than putting it on the pumpkin, I was glad that he didn't have the other paint. You never know with a two year old:) He is developing quite the vocabulary. Today he kept asking for more candy corn. When I would tell him no, he would either say, "why not" or "how come?" Then he would laugh. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our fun night. Amber, notice that Zac likes to drag Brad's puppy along for the fun:) He is really taking great care of him:)

Hunter's birthday party

We had Hunter's family birthday party last night since Ryan has church meetings tonight and we have our ward Halloween party on Wednesday night(Hunter's actual birthday). We made a pumpkin shaped birthday cake and some Halloween cupcakes. Hunter had a great time. He was so excited about the money that he got from Uncle Roy and the gumball machine he got from the Virtue's and has been playing with the k'nex and watching the movie from Grandpa and Grandma Hall. He had already opened a few of his presents early from Aunt Amber, Grandma and Grandpa Barlow and Grandma and Grandpa Robertson...oh and our friends the Rasumssen's. He will get one more fun present on his birthday tomorrow from Mom and Dad. I can't wait. I'll post some more pictures of him with that tomorrow:)

Halloween Party #1

Here are a few pictures of the Halloween party that Trista(Ryan's step-sister) and her friend Jill put on for the kids. The kids had a blast. They had homemade rootbeer, decorated cupcakes, painted pumpkins, did apple bobbing, hay ride, and more. I wanted to get some pictures of the hay ride, but my battery went dead. I got one picture of Jake getting onto the trailer then it died. The kids had a blast!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jake's second grade picture

Jake got a floor burn on his forehead at school the day of pictures...haha...nice:) I still think the pictures turned out pretty great.

Visit from the family...pictures to follow soon.

I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything and I was afraid it was going to be until Hunter's birthday....but I am getting in just before:) My parents, Amber, Brad, and Kaydee came to visit this past weekend. We had a great time...eating out, going to the corn maze, going to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunetly it was pretty cold and windy for the outtings and now all of the kids have colds. Amber had her camera so I we took pictures with it. I didn't even get mine out. She has burned me a cd and will be sending it soon. When I get the pictures I will post them. There are some really cute ones. We had a great visit and I wish they could have stayed longer. It is always too short. Especially for them since they have to travel about 12 hours each way. The boys and I will be going out to visit for a couple weeks this summer. It is not as bad for us because we get to stay for a week or two to break up the travel time. Anyway, I am so glad they came. Bradley is getting so big and has quite the personality. Amber says he is starting his terrible two's early, as he is capable of throwing some pretty amazing fits:) haha!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A few more birthday pictures

Zac had a great birthday and got spoiled:) We had Ryan's family members that live here close by over for cake and ice cream. Zac was a little cranky since he didn't get his nap, but that didn't stop him from reaching for a gift as soon as someone would walk through the door. I need to teach him some manners before his next birthday!

Zac enjoyed the cake. Ryan took a nice picture of him crying by the cake. I'm not sure if he didn't like the candles or if he was mad because he didn't blow them out on his first try. Jake and I came to his rescue and helped him blow them out.

Jake thought that he would help Zac out by opening the gift that Grandma and Grandpa Barlow sent, but accidentally opened Hunter's birthday gift. They were sent in the same big box since Hunter's birthday is just a few weeks away. Anyway, we rushed it to my bedroom where I will eventually re-wrap it. Luckily Hunter was outside playing with the other kids(making a mess with the sunflower seeds that they were pulling out of the big sunflowers we grew this year), so he didn't see the gift. We then found the gift for Zac and Jake opened it for him.

Overall it was a fun and tiring day for everyone:) All three boys went right to sleep when we got them in bed. None of the, "but I'm hungry, I can't sleep, I'm not tired, I want water....etc." Thanks to everyone for the gifts and birthday wishes! We love you and really miss the family that is not closer:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's make cake

Zac had a blast helping me make his birthday cake. It was SO funny. Everytime I would add an ingredient he would say, "holy cow" and just get more and more excited. He wasn't too happy about taking his 'football game shirt' off to lick the batter, but soon realized that was not up for discussion...shirt off or no licking the beater. We made Ryan's aunt Marsha's conference cake...SO YUMMY!!! We have had a great birthday so far, but now to cleaning the house and getting it ready for company tonight....cake and ice cream. Yum. We wish more of our family lived closer so you could come join us:)

Zac turns 2....

Jake and Hunter were so excited for Zac to open one of his birthday presents before Jake had to go to school. Zac was thrilled with the gift from Amber!! As soon as he opened the football jersey he said, "football game shirt, awesome!" And of course the football was a big hit too!!! He has hardly set it down so far today. Thanks Amber!!

Sweet Dreams

Zac was so cranky yesterday. He missed his afternoon nap and didn't want to let me leave his side for a second. I finally talked him into watching some football in the fish chair. I left to fix dinner and when I came back to check on him he was sound asleep. Most likely dreaming of football:) Lucky for me there is almost always a college or professional football game being re-run almost 24 hours a day:)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

scrapbook page

Zac is sure getting a lot of face time on this blog. Just so you all know I do love all my children. I have just been getting back into the digital scrapbooking and Zac has had some cute fun pictures to scrapbook:)


Today is Amber's birthday!! We hope you have a great birthday!! We love you and miss you and wish you were closer:)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zac says hello...and does a trick:)

Zac LOVES to do somersaults. Usually he does them better than he did here for the camera. He will keep doing them until he gets dizzy and can hardly stand up. He puts his head down and jumps his feet up until they get to his head and then he flips over....SO FUNNY:) I haven't posted a video before, so I hope this works.