Monday, November 24, 2008

Who Knew??

That a bean bag could put such a smile on a little boys face. Zac has been trying to steal Jake's bean bag for awhile now. Of course Jake is NOT too happy about it. I told Zac to leave Jake's alone and we would make him his own! Now he is one HAPPY boy. He takes it with him everywhere...he even sleeps with it:)

OOPS!! I should have finished clipping the stings before I took the pictures:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

All by himself

Zac is VERY independant these days. He puts on his own shirts(usually backwards), his own socks(usually upside down, with the heels on top), his own shoes(usually on the wrong fee)...and yesterday he put his jacket on by himself to walk to the bus stop. I think he looks adorable!! As long as the clothes get on, I'm not too picky about if they are backwards, inside out or upside down:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Late Halloween Pictures

I just realized that Halloween came and went while our computer was gone(being worked on). Just wanted to post a quick picture of the kids in their costumes. The picture of Hunter on the left is from the Halloween parade a the school. Hunter REALLY wanted to be a vampire for the school parade, but our gel wasn't strong enough to keep his hair slicked down, so he was a little embarrassed. BUT, I think it looks great!!:) I took a picture of Jake but he was in such a hurry, I only got the back of his head, so I left that picture out. The kids got SO much candy at the ward trunk or treat!! Hunter had been wanting to go to a high school football game all year, so instead of trick or treating, Ryan took Jake, Hunter and one friend to the last football game for Hunter's birthday. They had a great time!

6 Months

Ryder has been six months for a few days now. I can't believe it has already been six months!! It seems that times has gone by faster and faster with each baby!! I took him to the doctor a few days before he turned six months for a diaper rash(yeast infection) that he had and he weighed in at exactly 16 pounds. He goes in for his 'official' 6 month check-up this next Monday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Is this kid gifted?

Indeed!! We've always suspected this to be the case and last week we received written proof:) Last week we got a letter from the school district that Jake has qualified for the gifted program based on a test he took last fall. He qualified in on one of the areas. The area is....drum roll please.....Quantitative Battery. What is quantitative battery? That was my question. Guess I am not as gifted as my son, I had no idea what it was. So, if you are like me and have no is, "...appraises general abstract reasoning skills, particularly inductive reasoning and specific mathematical reasoning skills... and has a positive correlation with reading and mathematics achievement." The lettter that we received said, "Please know that this means that your student represents the upper 3 % of the students in the state whoare academically gifted." He gets to meet with a teacher for the gifted for one hour every month.

So there you go! Good job Jake, now if he only wasn't so 'gifted' when it comes to talking during class!! We are still working on that one!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

From blanket to 'bo'

When I saw Hunter bringing his 'bo' to our most recent 'photo shoot'(see previous post), I just thought I had to share this:)

**Please note that if you are a friend of Hunter's or a parent of any of his friends, please DO NOT mention that you know about his 'bo'. He is very sensitive and gets embarrassed if anyone besides family knows about it or sees it:)

All of my boys have always had a FAVORITE blanket! Actually, I'm not sure about Ryder yet. Hunter's blanket or 'bo' as he still calls it(you couldn't really call it a blanket anymore anyway) has probably been the most loved!

I don't know when the blanket became known as 'bo'. As far as I can remember that is what it has been known as. It started as 'bo'(his entire blanket). Then it became his big 'b0' and his rope 'bo' when the edging started coming off. He liked to chew on his 'bo' and so it got some nice holes in it and started falling apart. So, we had a big 'bo'(large piece) and lots of small pieces. We had long and short rope 'bo's'. We now have lots of little pieces of his 'bo', one kinda big piece of the 'bo' and his favorite piece of his 'bo'...the '5 knot bo'.

He loves to thread his 'bo' between his fingers of put one end in his ear. He carries it around without even knowing it sometimes. One day we got to the store and he quickly handed it to me to put in my purse before anyone saw it. I have also been known to quickly shove it in my pocket for him when someone knocks on the door or rings the door bell.

We have literally spent hours hunting for his favorite piece of 'bo'. There are many nights that I tell him to go to bed and if I find his 'bo' I'll bring it to him. He rarely lets me forget about looking for it. I hear a small voice coming from the bedroom saying, "Mom, have you found it yet."

When we lived in Gilbert, his Grandpa used to tease him and take it and play keep away with it. After the first couple of times of that, whenever we would go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Hunter would remember to leave his 'bo' in the truck.

Here are a couple pictures of Hunter and the 'bo'.

November 2008

October 2004

Okay, now seriously...ssshhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell Hunter about this post:)

The perfect picture of 4 small boys?????

Okay, so I attempted to get a quick picture of my four boys the other day. I should have known that might be a task I could not accomplish!! I took several pictures of the boys and got two with them all looking at the camera! How many shots does it take to get them all looking at the camera at the same time...10, 20, 30? Well, let's just say I took 20 pictures, they are all cute(to me), but none are quite what I was looking for:) Here are just a few of the pictures for your viewing...ENJOY:)

Picture number one.... not too bad, if we can get Ryder to cooperate.

Oh no, now we need Jake and Ryder to look at the camera, at least Zac is ready! Hunter is mostly ready, if he would just sit up straight.

Whoa!! What happened...Zac, we are NOT done yet. least they are all MOSTLY looking at the camera. Looks like I am not the only one that was frustrated by this point! Jake looks like he is pretty much DONE trying to get Ryder to cooperate:)